also hello tumblr i feel like i havent been here in a while

hello my name is Ella I listen to viking metal while I study leaf identification and I drink in the middle of the week


*to the tune of “our house”* I’m DRUNK in the middle of the WEEK

Me: I met a boy.
Me (two days later): nevermind


one time me and my friends were really high waiting at a stop sign and after like ten minutes he turns to me and he’s like “this is the longest stop sign ever”


i hate it when youre like oh this dudes hella ugly but then you start seeing them more often and you find out theyre really cool and you start to crush on them and that crush makes them less ugly but only to you so then youre stucking having to explain your crush on an ugly person


i’m ready to fight all my mutuals


+10 years probably